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SYDNEY LAURENCE 1865-1940 “MT. MCKINLEY, SUMMER” (1927) 20 X 16 O/C $28,000 EX-COLLECTION FRYE ART MUSEUM P.O. BOX 717 LA CONNER, WASHINGTON 98257 360/466-4416 BUYING • SELLING • BY APPOINTMENT FINE OLD AMERICAN PAINTINGS percent by 2050. And that’s all strictly through business-friendly measures. “If you like any of those outcomes— any one or more—you can support this transition without needing to like every outcome or agree about which outcome is most important,” Lovins says. “Focusing on outcomes, not motives, can turn grid- lock and conflict into a unifying solution to our common energy challenge.” Lovins is a member of the National Petroleum Council and was invited to speak to more than 150 oil CEOs recently at an international conference. He says he was surprised to see how many of the business leaders thought that they, rather than new and emergent competi- tors, would dictate the transformation of their market. “That’s what the horse-and-buggy industry thought, too,” Lovins points out. “But Henry Ford thought differently, and he won.” Whether energy companies are ready or not, Lovins believes a big transforma- tion is underway. The United States is already on the Reinventing Fire path for effi ciency and is ahead of its targets for renewable energy, he says. According to Lovins, renewable systems cost very little to run once installed, while new coal and oil sources cost more to install and main- tain. “Who will win that game?” he asks. Learn more about Amory Lovins and his work at ■ SIMRAN SETHI Author, educator, news correspondent Y ou might recognize Simran Sethi from her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, or as an environmental-news cor- respondent for NBC News, contributing to NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, CNBC and MSNBC. Named “the environ- mental messenger” by Vanity Fair and a top-10 eco-hero by the U.K. newspaper The Independent, Sethi has spent most of 62 ALASKA BEYOND MAGAZINE APRIL 2015 AAM 04.15 Trailblazers.indd 62 3/18/15 6:55 AM