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Made to Adventure REMEMBER THE VIEW, NOT THE BUGS. ® ® ™ ™ INTRODUCING A NEW BUGSAWAY STYLE. The new BugsAway Sandfly and Damselfly ® Jackets, featuring Insect Shield technology, repels mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. The lightweight mesh provides insect protection in even the hottest climates to keep you cool and comfortable. SOUTH AFRICA Scanning the horizon for animals at &Beyond Phinda private game reserve. FIND YOUR TRAVEL CLOTHING AT: CHERRY CREEK NORTH Denver, CO LINCOLN SQUARE Bellevue ,WA To learn more, go to SEA-TAC AIRPORT Central Terminal JFK INTERNATIONAL Terminal 5 DOWNTOWN SEATTLE Seattle, WA WHITE PLAINS New York © ExOfficio 2014 AK_0714_FPAds03.indd 170 6/12/14 11:42 AM